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get clear, get clients


If you are. it’s likely your potential customers are too. And let’s face it, confused buyers DON’T buy.

It’s time to get clear on your brand’s unique message, tell a powerful story and let your business shine.

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About You

You’re here because you're ready to show up, be seen and stand out as leader in your industry.

You're on the edge of success and feel you need something to take you to the next level. You KNOW your services are valuable and necessary, all you need is a strategy to build the online presence your dreaming of.

You're ready to align your business with your purpose, attract clients and make sales.

It's your mission to help people and you're poised to make an impact on the world. Now is the time to clarify your visual message, and open the flood gates to your success.

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Creating a trusted brand identity clarifies who you are, what you offer and how your clients can get it from you.

Let’s work together and build you a cohesive visual brand that lands you the client of your dreams.


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Having a killer website is a must have when it comes to landing dream clients. Branded client materials that add value to your client experience, are the icing on the cake. Let’s get busy and create the tools YOU need to grow your business.



Brand Visual Starter Kit

Feeling a little lost when it comes to building a cohesive visual brand? Grab your free "Done for you Color Palette" & "Font Pairings Guide" to help you get started. Get past the overwhelm and create a beautiful visual story that works for your business.

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Meet Your Designer

Travel enthusiast, analogy pusher, pasta lover, life coach & creativity junkie, Brea Galper, is the brains + brawn behind Style & The Storyteller.  After starting her own life coaching business and realizing how much content needed to be created to succeed, she started an all out mission to support spiritual & online entrepreneurs, who are ready to share their purpose.

With a mix of coaching, design, storytelling and a can do it attitude, Brea has helped dozens of online businesses build content, brands and websites that turn passive onlookers into paying clients.

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