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We are passionate about building you a beautful visual story that expresses who you are and converts clients into sales

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About You

You’re an online entrepreneur.

You’re a hands on spiritual worker.

You’re a business owner on a mission.

You’ve got big dreams + goals and NOW it’s time to make them a reality. Clarify the WHY behind your business and create a visual story your clients can trust.

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get clear. get clients.

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Travel enthusiast, analogy pusher, pasta lover, life coach & creativity junkie, Brea Galper, is the brains + brawn behind Style & The Storyteller.  After starting her own life coaching business and realizing how much content needed to be created to succeed, she started an all out mission to support spiritual & online entrepreneurs, struggling to share their purpose. 

With a mix of coaching, design, storytelling and a can do it attitude, Brea has helped dozens of online businesses build content, brands and websites that turn passive onlookers into paying clients. 



show up. been seen.

Having a killer website is a must have when it comes to landing dream clients. Let’s get busy and create one for you


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