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Our Branding Process

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What is Branding?


It's more than just a logo - having a cohesive visual brand increases the value of your business, provides you a clear visual direction and tells a consistent story to your customers. It’s fonts, colors, editing styles, voice, tone, structure and SO MUCH MORE. In short, it’s the visual trust a company creates over and over with you, though every visual communication. Think of your favorite brands and the consistent & clear visual message they send across all platforms. Without it, the Nike Swoosh would just be another check mark on a grainy black and white photo.

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the branding process


+Design Meeting

We’ll set up a video or phone call to discuss your project, your needs, your business and what you’re looking for. We’ll get to know each other and get clear on the site you need that will convert clients for you! This will be a fun and informative meeting where we’ll get clear on what you want, your website needs and how we can materialize them for you!

+ Inspiration

We'll dig deep into your dreams, goals, vision and business. You'll create a Pinterest inspiration board and fill out a Branding Questionnaire. This is where all the fun stuff happens!


+ Brand Identity Base

Your brand identity is what makes you instantly recognizable to your potential clients. It is how they begin to build trust with you. The comfort of seeing a consistent color board, logo + branding theme, develops a trusted relationship with your ideal guest. Starting with a Pinterest vision board and inspiration elements, we will develop a comprehensive visual identity that represents YOU and your tells the story of your brand; always keeping in mind the ultimate goal of attracting your target audience and ultimately driving profits. In this phase we will create + complete your Brand Color selections, Font selections + Brand Elements


+ Logo Design

Your logo is your Bat Signal. It’s the calling card you leave. It’s the visual identity your clients associate with YOU. In this phase we’ll build out 4-7 logo concepts for you to choose from. From there we will finalize + create and alternates for use in other areas such as photos, social media, favicons, etc. This package includes three logo revisions, which means you’ll have plenty of opportunity to build out a logo you are completely in love with.


+ Brand Identity Delivery

Once we’ve finalized your logo & branding elements, we’ll deliver your completed Branding Identity Package. This includes your Branding Identity Board, Brand Guidelines Workbook, font files, and a Dropbox folder containing your logo files for future use.

+ The Completion

Voolia! Hooray! We’ve created a brand identity that suits both you and your clients. Congratulations! After we’ve reached your finalized completion stage, I will always be available via email for questions + available for additional work on, on an as needed, per hour basis. Brand growth + changes happen as your business multiplies, so that’s a good thing! When the day comes for you to upgrade to meet the needs of your booming business, you get 15% off a REFRESH package as a previous Style & Story client!

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let's discuss your project over coffee!

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